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PT. Wednesdays and Fridays 

The Worship Leader, Musician will encourage a diversity of musical/artistic expression that matches the diversity of the TGCW ministry. This person will also identify and develop musical resources within the congregation to deepen one's experience of God and relationships with each other. We hope to find the right candidate that can help us share inspiring and exciting content for Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. We are looking for someone who loves Jesus, is inspired and creative. You will lead the ministry attendees in worship at our various events. The Worship Leader is responsible for recruiting, training, scheduling, and equipping worship team members; as well as overseeing the worship portion of our weekly events. Additionally, this position is responsible for the overall management of the Wednesday and Friday worship services, including seasonal worship services such as, Christmas Eve and Easter.

Our office is in San Antonio, TX in the center of town just a few short minutes from the Medical Center, University Health, Babcock, etc on Callaghan. 

Musician, Worship Leader. 

•    Under the supervision of the Pastor/ Director of TGCW, selects music for worship services appropriate to the worship themes and seasons and plays piano or guitar at worship services.
•    Plays piano/guitar at other special services of the ministry.
•    Assists with the development of technical aspects of worship services (e.g., sound boards, multimedia presentations, CD/DVD recording and editing).
•    Establishes and directs choral and instrumental ensembles and congregational choirs. 
•    Maintains routine rehearsal schedules for ensembles and choirs and conducts the rehearsals.
•    Works on a short term basis with small groups of vocalists and instrumentalists for occasional ministry in worship services, as well as gives direction to these groups.
•    Oversee the administrative duties of the music ministry, while working closely with the Pastor, Worship Planning Team, Church Administrator and other paid and volunteer persons in the music ministry.



•    A spiritually mature Christian who is effective in culturally diverse contexts. This position, being for a ministry and its worship of God, requires a commitment to Jesus Christ and a desire to serve him through excellent worship.
•    A servant-leader who eagerly supports the founding Pastor/Director, and the mission and vision of the ministry.
•    A collaborative leader who is able to garner the respect of staff colleagues and congregants.
•    Excellent musical skills and interpersonal skills; outstanding work ethic.
•    A positive attitude and willingness to listen and accept directions when necessary.
•    A clear understanding of the theological principles of the ministry and a willingness to develop a diverse musical repertoire.
•    Ability to handle delicate and crisis situations with compassion, confidentiality, and tact.
•    Attend staff meetings as needed.



Please share a recording, video link, YouTube clip, etc. as a demonstration of your work.




COMPENSATION: $150 /week