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Anxiety Free - An Anxiety Disorder Counseling Program

ANXIETY FREEA 6-week, focused, anxiety counseling and therapy program designed to help you overcome panic attacks, social anxiety, work related anxiety, health anxiety, phobias, clinical anxiety, general anxiety disorder and school & test related anxiety—fast.


Program Details - Anxiety Counseling Riverside, CA & Online

Each session is 75 minutes long and is custom tailored to your particular type of anxiety or panic attacks. Your focused anxiety program will come complete with assessments and evidence-based therapy modalities that have been proven to get results fast, in spite of major physical and emotional symptoms. Gain a whole person, faith-based perspective and be empowered with a Counselor Coach that travels along with you on your journey. With proven expertise and a powerful approach to anxiety therapy, you will meet with anxiety counselor, Rhodel Christine Kabah, MA, LCPC, to identify and overcome the sources of anxiety in your life and quickly address ways to stop anxiety from being a debilitating and crippling source in your life. Your counselor will work with you to create a unique treatment plan that fits your particular anxiety symptoms. TotalGenesis believes in whole-person centered care—your body, your mind and your spirit. This focused anxiety therapy program has been proven to reduce or eliminate physical symptoms of anxiety while addressing the psychological, spiritual and emotional sources at the root of your anxiety.

Emphasis Areas for Anxiety Counseling

You can select from any combination of areas listed below or come with your unique needs so that we can create a custom plan for you.


•    Obsessive thoughts that intrude into your life

•    An intense inability or fear to perform common daily activities like going to work, giving a presentation

•    Difficulty being in social situations 

•    An overwhelming sense of dread

•    A feeling of restlessness

•    Worry

•    An inability to concentrate or function

•    Physical symptoms: your heart may feel clenched and tight, like an elephant is sitting on your chest, or racing heartbeat, high blood pressure, tense muscles

•    Insomnia and an inability to sleep

•    Waking up in a fright

•    Other physical symptoms: difficulty breathing, getting an upset stomach

•    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

•    Panic Disorder

•    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

•    Social Phobia (or Social Anxiety Disorder)


Anxiety looks different for each person and it's important that when you seek anxiety counseling your therapist understands your unique presenting symptoms and offers specialized assessments and a treatment plan for your specific type of anxiety.


What You Can Expect:
You will meet with anxiety specialist, Rhodel Christine Kabah (MA, LCPC), Director of the TotalGenesis Counseling & Wellness Center, in our beautiful and confidential private practice, during the course of six weeks. Each session will be 75 minutes in length so please plan accordingly. Prior to your first session you may complete an online assessment that will provide valuable and critical insights. There will be guided weekly challenges and learning tools with proven therapeutic results to complete in-between sessions. This ensures that progress continues even while at home and no momentum is lost. Your counseling sessions are 100% HIPAA compliant and confidential. TotalGenesis prides itself on maintaining its strict client confidentiality. No information will be shared with employers, insurance companies, or other interested parties unless required by law, or authorized by you, the client.


Program Details:
Location: TotalGenesis Counseling & Wellness – 3600 Lime St, Building 2, Riverside, CA 92501, or through secure, HIPAA compliant video counseling.


Time: Varies, will be scheduled with your Counselor after sign-up. Limited evening and weekend hours available as needed.

Duration: 6 sessions. Each session is 75 minutes long (1.15 hours). Typical programs last 6 weeks however program can be extended to 12 weeks if attending every other week. Please discuss with your Counselor.

Cost: $729 entire program / 6 weeks (1.15 hr) sessions, 75 mins each (Reduced rate) OR $125 weekly. Includes all program materials and assessments, full refreshments, snacks and drinks included. Reduced rate made possible due to a generous grant from the Ashern Institute. 

Sign-up: Simply click here to schedule a session, or use our easy sign-up form below. We try to make it as easy as possible. 

Thank you! We will reach out within 1 business day to answer your questions and get you started.


Anxiety Counseling

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