Who is the counselor?  

Rhodel Christine Kabah is a licensed christian counselor and the Director of the TotalGenesis Counseling & Wellness Center. She is also a board member of the Ashern Institute, and is certified by the AAPC, American Association of Pastoral Counselors, and the NCCA, National Christian Counselors Association. She specializes in...

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What is the process to get started?

It’s easy. Simply click ‘Request an Appointment’. You’ll be able to easily schedule a time that works with your schedule. Select "Individual Counseling Session" or "Couples Intensive" etc. in the menu options. You can even request a Free consultation (10-15 minutes) if you’d like to chat about some things before your first session. The process is similar. Simply click 'Request an Appointment' and select Free Phone Consult as your appointment type. That's it!

Where are you located?  

We are located in sunny, Southern California, USA. But we also offer convenient online counseling so we meet with clients all over the USA. If you're local you can meet with your counselor at our main location in Riverside, Southern California, at: 3600 Lime St, Building 2 Riverside, CA 92501 (inside Tailored Space). If you're not local, our online counseling is secure, HIPAA compliant, and doesn't require any special software to download or install. You'll be able to meet with your counselor for secure video sessions all from the comfort of your home. 

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How much does your counseling or coaching sessions cost?


TotalGenesis believes that no one should be denied compassionate care simply because of cost. For that reason, TGC makes every effort to accommodate everyone's situation with flexible counseling options and programs. The regular TGC fee...


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Do you take insurance? 

TotalGenesis is an approved medical provider so clients can use their FSA (flexible spending accounts), HSA (health savings account) or MSA cards to pay for the sessions if they so choose, or you can use any of the other accepted methods of payment. We’ll also provide you with a detailed receipt after each payment that you can submit for reimbursement from your insurance company should you choose to... 


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Do you offer online counseling?


Yes. Meet with your counselor on your terms--wherever you feel the most comfortable. This is especially helpful for times when you can't come in, you're on vacation, or you want to use your counseling session in the middle of the day like on your lunch break. We make it convenient for you so you can avoid the hassle, the traffic, scheduling arrangements, babysitting... This is your time, make it count.


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