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How to Pay for Counseling Services 


Can I pay with my health insurance flexible spending account (FSA) card? Yes

Can I pay with my health insurance medical savings account (MSA) or health savings account (HSA) card? Yes

Can I submit for reimbursement from my insurance company? Yes




What are your fees?



TotalGenesis believes that no one should be denied compassionate care simply because of cost. For that reason, TGC offers some of the lowest fees in the industry, and within the greater Riverside, CA and inland empire region for quality counseling.


We are the only provider of Intensive-Focus Counseling. We believe in intensively focusing in on the areas of change in your life so that you can see real progress--fast. For that reason all of our sessions are 50 minutes, 75 minutes or 90 minutes long. This means that you can begin to see real improvements in your life as early as the first session.


It’s easy to get started, simply Request an Appointment. Appointments are granted on a first come first serve basis.


Do you take insurance?

TotalGenesis is an approved medical provider so clients can use their FSA (flexible spending accounts), HSA or MSA cards to pay for the sessions if they so choose, or you can use any of the other accepted methods of payment. We’ll also provide you with a detailed receipt after each payment that you can submit for reimbursement from your insurance company should you choose to. This simplifies the process for us because we can focus on providing low-cost, compassionate care, and less on all of the differences in each insurance plan. This also benefits you because we will not have to submit a “diagnosis” of a mental health condition to your insurance company or your workplace EAP. This completely removes any mental health stigma or worry on your part, and reinforces the complete confidentiality we are known for.


Let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to help.


When do you take payment?

Payment is expected before each session even when the fee may be insurance reimbursable. You are responsible for understanding your insurance agreements and for filing for reimbursement of fees. We are happy to provide you with detailed receipts that you can use for insurance filing or reimbursement. TGC will charge professional fees (not subject to the reduced rate) for evaluations, summaries of treatment, consultations, or any services requested by other professionals.

How do I pay for counseling? 
You do have options. You may make private payments from your own funds by check, cash, or credit/debit card. TGC is qualified as a medical provider to accept payment from MSA/HSA/FSA accounts. A lot of times people choose to receive help from extended family members. We are happy to send an invoice to a family member as arranged with your counselor. We will require your signed consent in order to do this.


What about Third Party Payers 
Other than insurance plans, some may choose to use third party payers to pay for your counseling sessions. These can include church, employment benefits, and even state victim or witness protection programs. We have been known to send statements to certain pre-authorized groups, who frequently refer their members. Some employers offer a benefit to their employees by helping them to pay for part or all of their counseling. This may come in the form of a special agreement with the employer or as a formalized Employee Assistance Program (EAP).