Your Privacy is important


Counseling is Personal... and Private

The decision to pursue counseling with a trained, compassionate professional is a deeply personal one. There are often many circumstances involved in your situation that are sensitive and should remain private. TotalGenesis respects your need for privacy and we are known for extreme confidentiality. Here's how we're different:

Many of our clients are present or former military, or may be coming from emotionally abusive relationships, or you may simply want to discuss a very sensitive subject. For these reasons we made the difficult but necessary decision to not accept traditional insurance plans, or workplace EAP programs. This is important to you because it ensures that we do not share out your information with your doctor, your employer, your insurance company, or any one else without your express written permission, within the realms of the US law. We also adhere to strict HIPAA compliance, and even our online counseling sessions use only HIPAA compliant video chat program to chat with your counselor. This does 2 things for you: it ensures that there's no paper trail of your discussions with your counselor that will ever be shared with outside agencies unless you consent to it, and it allows you the freedom to have open, private dialogue without fear of stigma or repercussions. You deserve it.

You don't need to carry the burden of your sensitive situation alone. Speak with a trained and compassionate counselor and start doing something for you. Request an Appointment.