TotalGenesis Counseling & Wellness – The Ashern Institute



Call as Needed, Approx. 15-20 Hours per week


Dynamic, organically growing Christian, Counseling & Television ministry is seeking a videographer/editor to help us shoot and edit our promotional and online videos, TG projects, lectures, conferences and compelling live video segments & events. You will help bring to life our ministry’s values, and marketing messages to our audience, both internal and external. We hope to find the right candidate that can help us execute and create fun and exciting content for Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. We are looking for someone who is organized, a self-starter, has great attention to detail, and is full of great ideas.

Our office is in San Antonio, TX in the center of town just a few short minutes from the Medical Center, University Health, Babcock, etc on Callaghan.

Videographer/Editor. Operate video camera solo, or in live event settings. Operate video cameras and audio/video recording equipment in EFP (remote, off-site) assignments. Achieve the highest quality videography within time and budget. Set up and adjust lighting to achieve artistic illumination of subjects or scenes. This position might also be used for various production-related duties as assigned (setting up/breaking down camera equipment or production peripherals, saving/compressing video files, etc.). The successful candidate will have experience shooting and editing videos of various lengths from short promos to longer format productions. Work closely with team to research, write, produce, edit and program videos for multiple platforms.

Arrange interviews with individuals and agencies to gather information for production items.

Exercise strong editorial judgment and adhere to our standards and practices.

Perform other duties as assigned.



Ability to operate a range of video cameras, including monitoring and setting white balance and luminance levels. Extensive knowledge of video equipment and terminology. Operational understanding of video compression and file formats. Must show initiative in framing aesthetically pleasing shots and following action. Experience working as a member of a video production crew. Must be able to follow producer directions, in addition to being able to work without direction in remote locations. Ability to interact with a wide range of people in a courteous and professional manner. Understanding of video formats and file formats. Ability to keep information confidential.


Bachelor’s Degree plus 2 years of professional camera experience, or the equivalent.


BA or BS in journalism, communications or film


Demonstrated experience in a production environment, at a television station, broadcast network, or for online videos


Working knowledge of non-linear editing suites (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, others) is required.


Experienced storytelling techniques for multiple social media platforms


Must own have his/her own camera and equipment.




Knowledge of studio lighting. Ability to troubleshoot minor camera issues. Ability to format for TV and broadcast standards. Growing Christian with a heart for ministry and Christ.


JOB TYPE & SCHEDULE: Will Call as Needed, Approx. 15-20 hours/wk, M,W,F

"Call as Needed" status. This is an intermittent, "call-as-needed" position. Examples include, you may be scheduled for zero hours in a week, or 4 hours, 5 hours, 15 hours, or 40 hours, etc. Overtime may be authorized by the Manager or the Manager’s alternate on an “as needed” basis, as long as we are given advance notice, or in the case of unexpected overtime, “day of” notice. Work is usually scheduled on weekdays, but may occasionally be scheduled for Saturday or Sunday. You may have a gap of multiple weeks with no work scheduled at TG. Thus, you may be employed by other companies if the employment does not violate Conflict of Interest guidelines.

SALARY: $18 /hour