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What is TotalGenesis?


It's quite simple actually.
What if people could be empowered to live the life they were made to live?
What would it be like to break through all the clutter and discover genuine wisdom from someone more like a friend?
What if it didn't have to feel formal and remote?
What if it truly changed everything?


​TotalGenesis is a faith-based Counseling and Wellness ministry passionate about helping you create the life you were meant to live. We practice compassionate faith-based counseling that is separate and distinct from traditional forms of psychotherapy. Traditional psychiatric models typically focus on two key areas: first, revisiting past pains and trauma, and second, attempting to change emotions and modify behavior through different talking therapies and medication. While we respect the practice and aims of traditional forms of psychology, our faith-based therapy model uses a uniquely Biblical approach to therapy.


Our approach to Christian counseling recognizes that God has made us whole beings and that to address brokenness we must understand His plan, His purposes for you--including why past pains were "allowed" in your journey, and His principles--the keys and truths that can unlock you in the area where you feel trapped. Some key highlights to our unique approach are outlined below.


God-Centered counseling has the power to change lives--both your life and the lives of those around you. We believe that effective counseling should combine a strong spiritual foundation, relationship building skills, and strategic insight and empathy that guides a person from where they are, to where they can thrive. Learn more about the TotalGenesis approach to mental wellness, as well as our proprietary therapy models developed over several years with successful application in areas spanning from depression, anxiety, family and marital conflict, addictions, OCD, anger, parenting challenges, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, suicidal thoughts and tendencies, eating disorders, work conflicts & goals, and self-destructive behavior.


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Our beautiful counseling center is located in sunny San Antonio, Texas. We provide private pastoral and biblical counseling that recognizes your unique counseling goals. Your first session includes a free 30 minute consultation in which we carefully listen, and explain our approach to whole person, faith-based counseling...

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Counseling from a faith-based worldview is a process in which the counselor and the client walk together towards the life and purpose that God has created you for. TotalGenesis uses a therapeutic procedure based on Scripture. We believe that the goal of all counseling is freedom—freedom from addiction, crippling fear, painful relationships, guilt and emotions that leave us bound...

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We believe that the greatest gift we have as the human race is the power of choice. You have power to choose, to create the life you were meant to live through making the right decisions. Your future, your greatest Life is often one choice away. So what will you choose? The Decision Therapy Model® is one of our most...

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God-centered counseling and coaching has the power to change lives--both your life and the lives of those around you. We believe that the most effective path to reaching your goals is a counseling-coaching model in which you are empowered by having someone to travel alongside you as you discover and reach your destination. Taking steps toward a goal requires identifying the destination. As such, in the earlier counseling sessions we will work toward identifying your goals and desired destination. Recognizing true destinations versus counterfeit destinations...

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Mental wellness is about the wholeness of our minds, and learning how best we can take care of the mind. Most of us recognize that taking care of our physical bodies is a good step. But how many times do we neglect our minds and our mental wellbeing--the very part of us that forms our core? We believe that the key to lasting health and mental wellness is recognizing that the whole person--body and mind-is interconnected such that trauma in one part of our being affects us in even other, unrelated areas...

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TotalGenesis Counseling Center's proprietary therapy is a highly effective approach to emotional and spiritual healing and is one of the reasons for the Center's successful and consistent client results. Developed over years by the successful application of Biblical principles to address the underlying causes of emotional suffering, addictions, troubled relationships, trauma and self-defeating behaviors, it is distinct from traditional psychotherapy and psychiatry. It is an evidence-based approach that is continually validated by ongoing data analysis of every client who completes the program...

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